FreeStabilizer V0.4 (beta)

The freely available video stabilization software is in the beta phase with limited features. It handles basic stabilization tasks very well when the parameters are set correctly. Features like the rolling shutter effect reduction will be provided in future versions.

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Introduction Video on YouTube: new window: (YouTube link)

Screenshot V0.2   Screenshot V0.4
V0.2 screenshot                 V0.3 screenshot


The video stabilization program features a new operational concept where video stabilization occurs before the video cutting process, using a program of your choice.

Settings of FreeStabilizers V0.2 Windows

The camera flow is displayed graphically, including the camera flow filters and the distance between the image edges and the desired image section for each individual frame. This means you can quickly find the optimal filter setting for the video without having to watch the video or re-analyze it.

V0.3: type 4 filtered camera flow       V0.3: manually edited camera flow
V0.3 filtered graph   V0.3 manual edited graph

As a highlight starting with V0.3 parts of the stabilized video can be improved by manually overwriting camera path lines for the optimal stabilization result. Sections with low motion can be stabilized like a tripod shot and moving scences can be stabilized to look like smooth camera wagon clips! The good adaptive filters from V0.1 described in the next section cannot come nearly close this new approach.

V0.1 Manjaro Linux: filter type 5 path   V0.1 Manjaro Linux: filter type 5 margin
filtered path   pixel margin

There are two adaptive filters to choose from, which in many videos increase the filter performance in quiet phases and weaken the filter performance in turbulent phases so that no image edges are visible in the desired image section during fast movements.

In the t5.json project you can see the use of adaptive filter type 5. From frame 2300 to frame 2700, the filter performance was massively increased. Before and after, the red line differs from the black line, which reduces the filter performance so that no black edges are visible in the crop (image section). If the black line falls below 0, it means that image edges can be seen in the exported video. The red line shows how much the strong filter would show the edges. Unfortunately, at around frame 1970 and around frame 2000, vertical edges can be seen in the exported video. From frame 2820 the video part is probably unusable.

The Version >= V0.2 now does provide a silent, fast and smooth Video Player where you can watch the stabilization result before exporting the video. On my PC a with an Intel 9400I CPU I was able to playback a on the fly smoothed 4K video up to 30 fps and FHD up tp 90 fps.

System Requirements

Average memory usage while stabilizing or exporting 2.5GB RAM

Windows 11: 8GB RAM, ca. 200MB hard disc space (without NVIDIA GPU-Accelleration)

Older Windows Versions: high likely yes, but untested!

Linux with Wine: Yes, but the fonts look mediocure.

Who wants to use this video stabilization program

  • Wildlife filmmakers, sports filmmakers and anyone who shoots handheld with a telephoto lens.
  • Anyone who is looking for a better alternative to the built-in stabilization of their favorite editing programs.
  • Recovering of otherwise unusable video sequences.
  • Anybody who wants better performance during video editing through prestabilized clips.


Unfortunately, version V0.4 cannot copy the audio track, the exported video is silent!

Professional Version

The stabilization with zoom, perspective and homography are not yet available in this version. These generally deliver worse results when recording videos with all stabilization programs of moving objects.

An advanced, paid Professional Version is currently in development, set to include the following features:

  • Rolling shutter correction
  • Exporting in an almost lossless format
  • Variable zoom
  • Lens correction

Special thanks to all my supporters which enabling me continuing this work!

You can donate for this topics

  • FreeStabilizer Software
  • European hamster research (Ultraschall records, how the communicate together)
  • Youtube channel Travel and Nature


Windows 11 & Wine 64 BIT

This version does not have an installer and can be executed in any extracted folder.


V0.4 Improved Manual camera path editing, Bugfixes

V0.3 Excellent Manual camera flow path editing added.

V0.2 Preview player integration, improved start and endings, dark theme.

V0.1.1 Windows facelift version with a total custom style.

Before   After
Standard Windows Look des FreeStabilizers   Neuer Windows Look des FreeStabilizers

V0.1 Initial Version with native operating system styles, uses only 1.5GB RAM.


Yes, for the new Mx processor series (>= M1).

Tip: You can run the Windows Version on a new 64 bit Wine (Windows Emulator). For X86 MAC Systems there should be no performance issue!

No, because a relatively new OpenCV library is required!

I'll make them here directly or with links available as soon as the release versions are ready!

Tip: You can run the Windows Version on a new 64 bit Wine (Windows Emulator).

Found a bug or the program doesn't start?

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